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New label Zum Zum Rata Dum Dum was founded by Mikaela Rahmqvist, a Swedish woman living with her family in Hong Kong, and consists of a great collection of 100% organic tees with both sweet and cool prints in certified colours. 10% of the proceeds from each t-shirt goes to the 'Changing Young Lives Foundation' that helps unpriviliged children in Hong Kong and China.

The 'Can't you see' collection is inspired by the fact that each age has its own unique qualities as well as limitations, and that it is important to remember that a 2 year old is different from a 5 year old, and thus to respect each stage of a small child's life. The message behind the 'My Monkey' collection, (which also include the 'My Diamond, My Love and My Sweetie prints) is that each child deserves love, no matter where they come from or how they look.