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Katvig is synomymous for many for their recognisable apple print and unusal, bold stripes in wonderful colour combinations.The ethos of the Katvig label is however what makes it an important label in the kids market. Katvig have long used a high proportion of organic cotton and bamboo fibres in their garments which is apparent to the touch and are tirelessly campaigning for a ban on the use of all non organic cotton. Vigga Svensson is the woman behind Katvig children’s clothes that have become an instant classic among parents around the world. When she got the idea for the clothes it was hard for her to reconcile her desire to protect the Earth with the production methods being used.

That's why she began to use organic cotton and recycled polyester, made out of used plastic bottles. She wanted her signature Apple prints and stripes to be as friendly as possible to the nature, to the people making it and to the children wearing it. Recently Vigga has launched what might be the most sustainable material ever, recycled organic cotton, and you can buy them here at Scandi Mini!

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