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SNORK Copenhagen is a Danish company which designs and produces children’s nightwear made with pure and soft organic materials in a range of beautiful colours. Their passion and spirit is to create long-lasting basic clothes which appeal to kids as well as their parents. They believe in sustainable products – clothing made with honest materials that can be used over and over again and products that do not go out of fashion every season. All of Snork Copenhagens nightwear is made from 100% organic cotton. Their collection is produced with a certified partner where the highest consideration for our planet, and the people involved in the process, has been taken to create a sustainable and fair-trade production. SNORK nightwear is ultra-soft, comfortable to wear and enables our children to have the best possible conditions for a beautiful sleep. The aesthetic look of Snorks nightwear also invites you to use the basic wear for a cosy and slow day at home.