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New Label - Camomile London!

Thursday, 21 May 2015 11:44:33 Europe/London

Are you following us on Instagram yet? If you are you may have seen that we are hosting a GIVEAWAY of one of these beautiful house cushions by new label Camomile London. If you aren't, head on over to our Instagram account as you've got until the 27th of May to enter.  Collection launching May 28th 2015.

xx Scandi Mini

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An update from Scandi Mini - and exciting things to come!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015 01:44:27 Europe/London

We had a little photoshoot some months ago and here is the result. This winter and spring have been so manic it has been hard to keep up and share everything I wanted to share but I finally feel like I can manage all aspects of my life again, and also that I now have the right support structure both at home and in the office, which I am sure you agree with me is crucial. Which leads me to the point of running a webshop.

A lot of people always ask me how it is going and I can honestly say, it is going really well, Scandi Mini has actually more than doubled its sales over the past year. We've moved in to our own offices almost a year ago (I hear my husband cheer in the background!), and we are all in all 3 full time employees now, divided by 6 people. I know, still not a lot in comparison to the big shops out there but for me as the founder I am pretty happy with how it has all turned out since it wasn't that long ago since I was on my own with a lot of boxes in a room at the top of our house and litterally no knowledge of running a webshop. It's been a big big journey with many ups and some downs. Life is like that isn't it, there will always be some road blocks along the way but the important thing, in my view, is to learn from them and to never loose perspective. Doing something which is your passion is the main thing!

I am full of ideas for the future of Scandi Mini, and I can't wait to share with you a few of our new finds later on this year as well as some updates and new features to the website which we will launch soon. It's an exciting time!

xx Gabrielle. Owner & Founder Scandi Mini

Cornelia and Wilhelm are wearing Hero Pyjama by Yporque.

Photography: Michaela Winstone

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Beautiful Children's Shoes We Sell This Season!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015 10:08:45 Europe/London

We reckon we've got quite a nice mix of shoes this season and some new labels which have produced some stunning pairs.

Clockwise below  in black and white is The AKID Stone Cow shoes, a cool sandal by Danish newcomer Rainbow and Snow (right now on 30% off), Ritz trainers by Stella McCartney Kids, the coolest trainers from Veja Shoes, more Rainbow and Snow in the form of a  slip on and finally our favourites, the Maa pineapple sneakers.  

We've also got some candy coloured girls shoes, of which a selection of beauties is below. Oh, shoe heaven!

Manuela de Juan leopard sandals, beautiful rose gold sandals from Angulus, pretty Mimi shoes from Spanish Manuela de Juan, gorgeous pom pom sandals from Louise Misha, white 'knights' slip on sneakers from Californian label AKID shoes and finally Cornelia's favourite, the peach/mint combo trainer from Veja. Hers are a tiny bit muddy however ;)

xx Scandi Mini

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Cool Outfits!

Thursday, 16 April 2015 08:56:40 Europe/London

Some style inspiration for you on a Thursday. We're still mad for monochrome, and this baby outfit hits the bill big time.

Baby trousers and snood from Yporque, tee from NuNuNu and mocks from MiniMocks.


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Happy Easter!

Sunday, 5 April 2015 08:39:17 Europe/London

Happy Easter from Scandi Mini! xx


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