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Why are we are launching the sale early....TODAY!!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016 06:41:52 Europe/London


Oh this autumn! I don't want to go on and on about it but this autumn has been MAD! Hard, exhausting and almost 'I want to give up' worthy. I didn't even realise how many things could go wrong simultaneously, but now...I know!

Yes, that autumn.

It was this autumn....

....When we outgrew our 900 square feet/85 square meter warehouse and had to rebuild it twice, the last time so it actually now works again and is better than ever before.

....When we had to close the warehouse for order send outs for not just a few days but weeks as the only person who worked there left unexpectedly from one day to the other. Financially, that wasn't great, as I am sure you understand. But at least we got an amazing, super speedy and organized replacement: Agnieszka, who now works at the warehouse full time since September.

....When thanks to some old problem code - and a new hosting company who didn't know about it as the old company never told us - our payment system crashed not just once, twice but four times throughout the autumn making us, again, loose out lots of sales.

....When half of our part time team went through some very unfortunate, personal stuff or just a lot of illnesses, so we couldn't work at full speed either for pretty much all of the autumn.

....When consequently our shop had to be closed about 50% of the time that it was supposed to be open.

However we've been through it now and all is back to normal or even better than before, even that old manky code is finally scratched, armed with some pretty tough learnings and actually, a real feeling that 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. 

Because I know we have so much more to give as a small company than what we've been capable of showing off this season. We have a small but really ace team! And although we have been more quiet than usual we've worked really hard to get all your orders out on time, so I don't think you, as our customers, have even noticed most of these things. I hope so?

However there is one thing I wish we could have done this autumn and that's to launch our new website. I haven't given you any sneak peeks, but the designs were signed off in July and they look amazing (just being my humble self ;)). Just transferring the old website data to the new site though is so time consuming, because we don't have filters set up in the old website but do in the new, it would have taken us months to go through it all and set it up all over again. And as such, when we launch our new website in the New Year, I want to have as little old products there as possible.

So we're launching our winter sale today. Very early. But the Spring 2017 collections are also launching early, some as early as the second week of January, and arriving very early January. So we have no other choice.

2017 will be a fresh, new chapter. An improved Scandi Mini. And finally, a new website. With filters! (how exciting, ha, ha)

Happy Sales shopping!

x Scandi Mini 

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This Week In Pictures!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016 08:36:50 Europe/London

Last week was all about advent calendars, giveaways (because it's Christmas!) and fairy lights (it's so festive).

We put lots of lights all over house last week, when we were putting up the children's calendars. They love waking up every day to a chocolate or two. My mum did the same for me and it's one of the reasons I love the Holiday season, this feeling of it being a special time of the year.

Cornelia is wearing Oeuf Nyc's Animal Hoody, pictured here with Ferm Living's House Calendar

Our children were so excited to open their Christmas calendars. Bonnesoeurs House Bed, still one of my favourite items from Scandi Mini.

It really is dark and grey outside right now. We live just by the river Thames in London, it is lovely to take a walk around Putney and back to Fulham, where we live. Below is a picture from one of my morning walks.

Numero 74 Canopy, Bonnesoeurs House BedLa Cerise Sur Le Gâteau Cushion Cover in Mint Little Pop Studio Batboys Cushion Cover

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The second Sunday of Advent Giveaway!

Sunday, 4 December 2016 16:23:27 Europe/London

Today it's the second of Advent! How?? Maybe I am getting old but I seriously don't understand what is happening with time? Anyways, happy second of Advent.

Our Holiday giveaway also continues...the first one where we gave away a Ferm Living calendar has hopefully already been delivered to Little Design Studio in Australia!

This week we are giving away a fabulous wooden baby gym from Danish company LOULLOU. They are new in at Scandi Mini so we wanted to 1) let you all know about his amazing label 2) give you a chance to win a wooden baby gym (as pictured below).

Head on over to our Instagram to find out how! The competition closes on midnight Tuesday 6th of December. 

xx Scandi Mini

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We're in Wardrobe Icons Gift Guide!

Thursday, 1 December 2016 10:10:44 Europe/London

One of our favourite shopping directories and blogs; the Wardrobe Icons have just launched their gift guide for girls. And we are featured with our products from French label Mouche who handmake all their items!

Doesn't everything just look brilliantly styled? 

xx Scandi Mini

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This Week In Pictures!

Monday, 28 November 2016 06:34:27 Europe/London

Hello Monday!

How are you all doing today? All good here, trying to make the most out of not being totally squeezed for time. It's very busy still, don't get me wrong, but in comparison to the past few months, now is a breeze.

On that note....It was a really busy week last week! Ha ;) And although I love certain parts of this year my least favourite has to be handing in the year end results to our accountants which are always due now. Not that I don't want to be compliant, it's mainly down to what I like doing and what I don't like doing. And right now it's really all about getting all those invoices in and ticked off from our accountancy system. 

Luckily, still had some time to photograph things. As that's probably my favourite thing to do apart from buying for the website and styling, so it was a good thing.

Numero 74 Butterfly Hair Clips, April Eleven Cork Cloud Ornament

We also had a Black Friday sale on the site with 25% off. As usual, tonnes of orders - any discounts are pretty much always bound to bring in at least the double amounts of orders versus what we normally have! But obviously for us, it was great and a chance to replenish some stock and make room for what is to come in just a few weeks. Yes, that's right! Spring is around the corner...Help!! ;)

Wolf & Rita Tights, Louise Misha Pompon Socks In Grey,  Amy & Ivor Moccasin, Oeuf Striped Crown, Fub Baby Boots In Beige  Bobo Choses Citcles Shell Tights, Buho Animal Knee Socks In Black and Angulus Lace Up Boots In Dusty Peach. 


We also saw the arrival of one of our favourite brands', Oeuf NYC who launched their Holiday Collection just in time for Christmas. We adore this fairtrade, handknitted children's brand! So soft, amazing quality and mega cute designs.

Some more pictures from our Instagram:

Manuela Du Juan Old Pink Seta Shoes,  Louise Misha Pompon Socks In Grey and Meri Meri Merry Garland

Poppy Rose Eva Bonnet, Tocoto Vintage Knitted Body with Suspenders and Amy & Ivor Moccasin.

Have a great week and all. 

xx Scandi Mini

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