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When life gives you lemons....

Sunday, 23 October 2016 10:00:06 Europe/London

....make lemonade. If there ever was a saying that has resonated with me, this is the one.

Now I know, its not the deepest nor the most profound and it's not a new saying nor is it life affirming but one thing I've always been good at is to turn around life's sometimes pretty shitty moments to something positive. I have a lot of practise in this field, you see.

When times have been tough before I've pretty much always come back fighting, stronger and luckily, usually happier, but it hasn't come without sacrifice and I am not going to lie and say that the past few months have been easy. Far from it. I will spare you all the little details of what Scandi Mini have been through lately but firstly, I can sum it all up with 2016 being one crazy, manic year which has been amazing, fun but very very tough.

Who else but me would decide it's a good idea to launch a new website, shoot and print a lookbook, put on a big 5th birthday event for the UK press, do some designer collaborations on the side, take on a showroom, redesign and rebuild the showroom alongside what is already a very time intensive job, to run and manage Scandi Mini (including all marketing and buying!)? And with no childcare before 9 am or after 3 pm I have also been picking up and dropping off my children at preschool and school every day. Yes that's me.

Now that I look back I have to admit that I was a teeny tiny crazy... I didn't single handedly do all these things and I did have help, but the person responsible for actioning all these things were me and I was killing myself with too much work, very little sleep and a lot of adrenalin. Great. Perfect in fact ;)

So, what happened? Things were moving along relatively nicely, although I was always VERY stretched for time, and as such had a huge back log of emails to answer, phone calls to make and orders to place/invoices to pay etc etc. I had since about half a year employed two girls who were packing orders, uploading products and some other admin. We have at least 25 orders to sometimes even 100 orders on any given day and just packing those plus unpacking all our deliveries plus doing inventory is a full time job. They were sharing this role and things were kind of running smoothly until one of them returned home to her home country and 2 weeks later, the other, totally unexpectedly, left.

This was on our second day of our holiday on August 16. This is where I'll spare you all the details but let's just say I had to cut my holiday short, fly back, and for pretty much all of August and September, instead of doing my usual job, placing orders/paying invoices/answering emails/taking photos/buying, doing marketing, running the site and so on and so forth I had to go back to packing orders, rebuild the warehouse to fit all AW16 stock in and get a whole new team together. Oh and the website crashed twice too and we couldn't take any payments for 2 weeks!

So, that's what happened. A total disaster really. I've been going through all sorts of emotions, from wanting to finally give up to coming back fighting and deciding to turn things around. In the end I decided that Scandi Mini is worth losing sleep for. Again. So now we have a fully functioning warehouse, a new shiny showroom and a new team too and I'll introduce you to them properly very very soon but in the meantime, a short Scandi Mini team intro:

Jaime: an ex PR manager and mother of 3 who works part time for us 4 days a week and who is taking over the day to day management of the Scandi Mini website (such as ensuring what we receive is also uploaded and live on the website) from me as well as the showroom sales as of now. Jaime is already a trusted pair of hands with pretty much anything!

Aga: a Polish mum of 1 and warehouse/customer service expert who is now full time answering your emails and phone calls and sending your lovely orders out. And she is brilliant!

Ia: A very good friend of mine who is also Swedish, a mum of 3 and an ex HR manager who is now part time 2 days a week working with HR, payroll and accounting. She keeps me sane and reminds me to sometimes think in practical terms...

Alice: A 23 year old Swedish architect student who has been with us for 4 years and who does a bit of everything, including those gorgeous banners on our website, for about 15 hours a week as her part time job. Alice is my true rock and we could not have survived without her.

And then there is me of course. And I do everything else plus a bit more ;) But the idea with the team is that a bit of time will be freed up so I can do what I am best suited at, like running our social media accouts, photography, buying and of course the day to day running of everything! And paying all those bills...;)

And that's it for now! I think we will expand even further, so let us know if you fancy a shot at working at Scandi Mini. Especially if you speak Chinese or Finnish or South Korean or....

Have a lazy, lovely Sunday!

xx Gabrielle, Scandi Mini




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This Week In Pictures!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016 06:20:13 Europe/London

This week we had fun taking pictures of some of our knitted items.

The below handknitted romper is from Kalinka, a sweet Bulgarian brand with a lovely colour pallette.

A pair of lovely handmade moccs from our friends over at Amy & Ivor. We love!

So many good things in this picture below. We love the handknitted rainbow sweater from Oeuf Nyc. It's just a dream! Lovely moccs from Amy & Ivor again and the sweetest little bloomer from Tocoto Vintage. One of our favourite brands this season.

Pure gorgeousness from Misha & Puff below. Those colours!!

Our favourite shoes from Angulus. That mint colour is good enough to eat!

Waddler is also here and all the way from Peru, where it has been handknitted into the below amazing styles.

Have a great weekend everyone!


xx Scandi Mini

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We're featured in 'Loved Shops' section at Kid’s wear Magazine!

Friday, 30 September 2016 06:36:25 Europe/London

We're featured in the 'Loved Shops' section at Kid’s Wear Magazine! They have a brand new edition out now so go and check it out....

Kid’s wear Magazine


xx Scandi Mini


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We're in the Gurgle's October Issue!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016 06:19:43 Europe/London

Have you seen the latest issue of Gugrle Magazine, the stylish parenting magazine for modern mums? Here is a spread we’re featured in, full of cool cawboy pieces for this Atumn. We love the westen look with bold checks, worn denims and casual sweatshirts and t-shirts. Check our our Finger In The Nose Hank Black Eagle Crew Neck Sweater

xx Scandi Mini

 @mamasvib #sharegurgle


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Bobo Choses Drop 2 Now Launching!

Thursday, 11 August 2016 09:14:02 Europe/London

Super excited that Bobo Choses drop 2 is launching today! The images below are all from the drop 2 collection and from our very own Scandi Mini AW16 lookbook none the less.

Isn't it amazing? We don't like to brag per se but we're so proud of the outcome and the images look stunning. Thanks to everyone involved and all the models too of course!! You all did a fab job!

Aldo, if you order any full price AW16 items above £50 from us right now we will include a printed Scandi Mini AW16 lookbook - limited to the first 100 orders. Yay!

xx Scandi Mini

Photographer: Hannah Coates. Shoes: Chapter 2 shoes.

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